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About DeMolay

Changing Lives since 1919

DeMolay, the premier international youth leadership organization, striving to shape young men into leaders of character.


Our organization does not substitute for or conflict with church youth groups, team sports, Y.M.C.A., or Boy Scouts. In fact, DeMolay reinforces the teachings of these groups, and most of our members remain active with their previous interests while they explore new areas of growth and development through DeMolay.


DeMolay stresses positive moral values and character development among young people. Activities vary from competitive sports and speech & dramatic contests to civic service and charity projects.

By epitomizing timeless values, and accepting the challenge of leadership - both of character and of action - the young men of DeMolay transform themselves into citizens of the highest caliber.

Each young man takes ownership of his DeMolay experience. From generating ideas, planning events, coordinating logistics, and executing their plans, each DeMolay Chapter is responsible for defining their success. All of this is accomplished under the mentorship of trained Advisors, selected from the local community, enabling each Chapter to be uniquely tailored to support the interests of its members.

DeMolay is an inclusive organization that only asks of young men interested to believe in a higher being.

A high level of involvement and enthusiasm is far more important for success in DeMolay than any particular skill or ability.

Our Precepts

Filial Love

Filial love, the bond between parent and child, is ranked first since this virtue teaches DeMolays to strive to repay the love and care their parents have devoted to them―care that teenage boys all-too-often fail to appreciate.

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A Brotherhood of Friends

Our Chapter values the importance of spending time together outside the Chapter. We often hold Game Nights and other fun social events where members meet up either online or in-person to spend time together and have fun.

A DeMolay strives to be

  • A Good Citizen.

  • A Good Son.

  • An Active Member in the Community.

  • Honest.

  • Courteous.

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