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Becoming a DeMolay

So you'd like to become a DeMolay or want to learn about the process. You're in the right place!

Every DeMolay started their journey through the same steps and here they are explained.


Come get to know us.

It is important that you know if Richardson Chapter is the right Chapter for you and that we know if you are right for us. You're in the process of joining an international brotherhood so make sure that you can get along with the brothers you'll be with interacting with on a regular basis.


Fill out a petition.

A petition is an application to join and will ask some personal questions about you. These questions will include: Your full legal name, birthdate, home address, current school attending, hobbies and interests, a couple friends for reference, and a couple questions relating to your parents. It will be submitted to DeMolay International if it is approved by the Chapter so feel free to ask for help if you need it.


Pay the life-time membership fee.

Your petition MUST be accompanied by $100 in the form of a check or cash. It is a one-time fee for your membership and you will never be asked to pay any dues or anything relating to your membership. This fee is for us to keep our compliance with DeMolay International's policy of insuring minors should anything occur. In the event that a petition is rejected, we will fully refund your membership fee.


Secure your signatures.

Every petition must be signed by two (2) signatures of youths who are already members of the Chapter you are petitioning. If you are short on time or otherwise unable to secure these signatures, worry not! We are always happy to sign for you after you've turned in your petition.


Submit your petition along with your payment. 

You may either mail in or deliver your petition in person. We would prefer that it is delivered in person so we can put a face to the petition if you were unable to meet with us, but we understand there may be extenuating circumstances that make that difficult. Either way, we are happy to know that you are serious about your future with DeMolay. If it is being delivered in person, please submit your payment to an Adult Advisor to ensure that it is handled properly.


Wait to hear back from us. 

Your petition will be read and a vote made at the next Stated meeting which typically happens the first (1st) Saturday of the month. Our decision will be made by the Active DeMolays alone without Advisor input.


Plan a date for your Initiation. 

Every DeMolay has gone through an initiation ceremony to welcome them into the Order. The Master Councilor will contact you to plan your initiation on any available Saturday. Do note that initiations are a very big deal and take a lot of planning, so it may be an upwards of two (2) weeks to a month before it can be held after your petition is passed.


While the Initiation ceremony isn't open to the public, we allow (and encourage) candidates to bring their parents to watch as they begin their journey in DeMolay.

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