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Richardson DeMolay is a Chapter of the Order of DeMolay and was chartered in 1958. The Order of DeMolay is a youth fraternity that focuses on mutual improvement and the practice of Seven Cardinal Virtues to better one's self.

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Jackson McKinzie

I joined Richardson DeMolay back in 2018 and no other organization has made me feel more at home. You're going to make friends here that you're never going to forget.

How to Become a DeMolay


Pencil and notepad


Fill Out an Application

Download the Petition from our Become A DeMolay page and complete it.
Do not fill any part of the form that asks for a current member's signature.


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Attend a Meeting and let us get to know you

Attend either a Virtual or In-Person meeting so we can get to know you. This step is vital in our selection process.


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Submit a Copy of the Application in Person or Online

Submit the paper copy either in person or through the mail (address and other info on Contact Us).

You will be contacted if more information is needed and afterwards regarding our decision.

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